1066 Bus Route Livery


In 2023 we were approached by one of our regular clients Stagecoach South East, to create a specialised livery design for their new 1066 route in East Sussex, UK.


1066 Bus Route


Stagecoach South East

What We Did

Branding and logo

After doing some research on the Bayeux Tapestry and 1066 era, the use of red and gold for the colour of the livery was based on the original coat of arms of King Harold. The illustrations are inspired from the Bayeux Tapestry. I chose to use an arrow for the logo and added it to the livery using negative space.

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“When we ask OYOO to come up with a design we know we're going to get something special. With a minimal brief, and often in a hurry, Krissie just knows what's needed and what works. Brilliant, capable, an all-round remarkable artist; thanks for all you do for us!”

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