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Amy Johnson is an aviator legend, who died off the coast of Herne Bay in 1941. Since 2016 we have been involved with this project. Initially we got involved, to help Jane Delamaine with a logo and website, so she could raise funds to commission a life size bronze statue made of Amy Johnson. This helped to raise Amy’s profile as a British hero that has pretty much been forgotten by UK education and media. After a few years Jane decided to close the website, but towards the end of 2023, she approached us once more to help build a new website for the Amy Johnson Project.


Amy Johnson Project


Jane Delamaine

What We Did

Website, Branding and Logo

As part of the project, we were asked us to design a logo. We created the logo based on the silhouette of the statue created in Amy Johnson’s honour. The plane included in the logo is Amy’s favourite plane, Jason. The colours were chosen to represent that Amy was British.

We also managed to include Amy Johnson on a livery rebrand for Stagecoach South East on their Triangle route back in 2016. Thank you to Tim Stubbings’ for the photo.

The Amy Johnson site was created with ease of use in mind. It’s purpose is to educate people about Amy Johnson and the main projects that are being worked on in her memory. The audience the site attracts covers a spectrum of ages, so simple navigation is essential. We base all our websites on WordPress, for the convenience of creation but also for empowering our clients to update the site themselves. This was a specific requirement of the Amy Johnson Project.

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“Thank you so very much for believing in us and supporting the project by applying your skills and expertise to raise our profile and help us to develop an image that reflects the pride and integrity of the work that we do.”

Jane DelamaineFounder of The Amy Johnson Project