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Steve Morgan, the Director of Syniad IT Solutions, has been a client of ours since 2015. He approached us to revamp his website and refresh his brand. The main purpose was to simplify his website, reduce the functionality and make the site visually clean and simple to navigate and use.


Syniad IT Brand refresh and Website


Steve Morgan

What We Did

Branding, website, logo and imagery

As we were revamping the Syniad IT website, we needed to keep a lot of the existing blog posts. Part of the strategy of the site was also to reduce the amount of time to create a blog post and publish it i.e. find imagery for a post. The old site relied on stock photography for this, so we decided to scrap this and use simple graphics instead. The colours were changed to fit Syniad IT’s new colours and we created a library of graphics for Syniad’s team to use when they need to create posts. The graphics also help with the new feel of the Syniad IT website, which is clean and simple but at the same time symbolising the complex processes that Syniad aim to simplify for clients when it comes to planning IT within complex situations.

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To add interest, we included some animation. As well as the lightbulb on the homepage, we added a touch of animation to the Syniad IT logo, which you can see on the footer of the website.

We enjoy working with Krissie and Rejane for a number of reasons. They are always friendly and approachable. It’s really nice to work with such a friendly company. The design work has been great, they’ve always suggested innovative and eye-catching graphics which have helped us develop a brand identity. Finally, they have a “can-do” attitude, which really helps as we iron out minor bugs during development. We’re really pleased with the appearance of our latest website.

Steve MorganDirector