Warrington Pride Bus


We were approached by Marketing Bees, based in the UK, to help with a design for a client of theirs. We were given the challenge of creating an eye-catching and original livery design for Pride in Warrington.


Warrington Pride Bus


Marketing Bees

What We Did


Many Pride buses tend to stick to straight lines or reference the rainbow flag. I chose to go with Zebra stripes as it represents being wild and free. Zebra’s are also hard to tell gender wise and they are apparently fluid in their sexuality, so I thought it was a good link to the brief to create a zebra pattern using the rainbow colours. I then found a great image of a Drag Queen and added the stripes on her hair and skin, I also added the zebra pattern fingernails. This lead to the statement: “Be Proud of Your Stripes” i.e. meaning, be proud to be you.

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